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  • We purchase a Yamaha concert piano from My First Piano and it was a very positive experience. Luke and Josh are great to work with. The delivery guys were extremely careful, meticulous, and professional. I highly recommend this company.

    Willie H., Phoenix
  • Spending quality time with our piano before we bought it definitely gave us a piece of mind about the purchase.

    Garett Hensing, Tempe
  • If more companies were run as well as My First Piano, the world would be a much better place. I've gotten 4 pianos from Josh & Co. Everyone working there loves music, and they know their stuff and will never steer you wrong.

    Satisfied Customer
  • We've had our piano for about a month now and we wanted to write to let you know how much we're LOVING it! We're looking forward to many years of happy ownership of this piano and I can't stress enough how much the team at My First Piano really came thru for us; this was a major win! 

    Saff & Laura, Gilbert
  • I stop by there now and then to check out their inventory because I know I will be upgrading the old piano I bought from my friend soon, and I will most likely get my piano here.

    Bob G, Maricopa, AZ
Contact Lisa if you've got questions about piano shopping, if one of our current pianos piques your interest, or if you want to be put on a waiting list for future pianos.

Lisa Blasi

Title: "Your New Best Friend"

Role : Lisa oversees the sales department. She's got a pulse on all the pianos coming and going and is a top level "match maker" between instruments and families. 

Education : Lisa has a Music Education Bachelors Degree and is currently finishing out her Masters Degree in the same field all from ASU.

Personal Interests : Lisa loves talking in a New York accent, eating salad, singing jazz classics, and meeting new people. 

A Word from Josh : 

Contact Kami with any questions about recurring payments, billing, payoff amounts, payment history or products or services which might be mutually beneficial.

Kami Valenzuela

Title: Accounts Manager

Role : Kami oversees the department responsible for upholding our fiduciary commitments to our customers and our vendors.

Education : Kami has her BA in psychology from Grand Canyon University and a background as an operator in the construction industry

Family : Kami has a great husband (Pepe) who works as a helicopter mechanic and a beautiful 3 year old daughter Ava.

Personal Interests : Kami is an avid reader and has a particular fascination with the human mind. She also loves to tackle interesting DIY projects at home.

Words from Josh : Kami is a ray of sunshine. She is perpetually upbeat and had a genuine love for people. She’s always up for a new challenge and is equally comfortable in front of customers as she is in front of a billion numbers on a computer screen.

Contact Sherri with any questions about piano delivery or reserving a piano for an event.

Sherri Radick

Title: Delivery Manager / Commercial Rental Manager

Role : Sherri oversees the safe transport of 250 pianos per month on average. That’s 500 locations to be routed, a team of movers and equipment to manage, and a lot of paperwork. She is also the point person for short term grand piano rentals for concert halls, wedding venues and hotels.

Education : Sherri grew up working in her family’s business (Monte’s Steakhouse on Mill Ave) where she gained the skills needed to take on bigger roles in the construction industry and as a trainer for Lowes.

Family : Sherri resides in Mesa and is happily married to her awesome husband Mike. They have three kids Tiffany, Michael and Austin.

Personal Interests : Sherri loves time with the grandkids, dinner and movie dates and can find her way around kitchen with the best of them.

A Word from Josh : Sherri really is the queen of logistics for our company. When it comes to accomplishing goals or making sure people are treated well, she is tenacious. The type who can juggle multiple issues at once, solve interesting p!roblems and often play the “mom” role at work as well as at home. She is definitely a linchpin for our company.

Josh Wallace

Title: Owner

Role : Visionary

Education : A life long self educator with some help along the way.

Family : Josh resides in Chandler with his beautiful wife and three kids Kate, Miles & Piper.

Personal interests : Family, friends, books, music, design, photography, sports, movies.

A word from my 1 year old : Hi Dada!

Contact Luke with any collaborative project ideas, tips for expanding our brand, or for advice on the best coffee hang out spots.

Luke and Lauren Miller

Title: Marketing Team

Role : Increase brand awareness and visibility.

Education : Luke has a communication degree from ASU, and Lauren has a background in writing, photography and design.

Personal interests : Playing music, DIY projects, healthy living, travel, people and reading.

Words from Josh : There are very few people more likable than Luke & Lauren. Kind hearted, creative, hospitable and passionate are just a few words that come to mind. No matter where their career paths take them, I will always consider them good friends.

Please contact Sherri with any questions about piano delivery or logistics.

Junior Gonzalez

Title: Delivery Crew Leader

Role : Lead mover, trainer and logistics specialist for our sister company Safe & Sound Piano Co.

Family : Junior is originally from Belize and resides in Phoenix with his lovely wife Carolina and his boys Leo & Marco.

Interests : Semi pro soccer leagues, family time and really good cooking!

Words from Josh : Junior is the only person on the staff who has been with me since day one so he will always have a special place within our company. I’ve seen him execute jobs that I thought were impossible, I’ve seen him make sacrifices for the company, and I’ve watched him train and equip every mover we’ve ever hired to do very delicate and difficult work.

Please contact Josh with questions about the Piano Revival Project, collaborative project proposals, employment opportunities, or custom orders.
480-970-5222 or 480-250-5939

David Greenwood

Title: Piano Revival Project Artist

Role : To transform plain looking pianos into stunning pieces of furniture.

Education : A classically trained visual artist working in Theater, Gallery, and Commercial for 13 years. David returned to study new media art technology, earning an AAS in MP/TV in 2006 and currently pursues an BFA in individualized focus at ASU with plans to continue graduate studies in 2015.

Family : A son of the Mayflower, David has lived in the valley for 25 years where his mothers side of the family settled from Boston & Cape Cod.

Personal Interests : New media art, design, music.

Words from Josh : Dave’s technical skill set and imagination have been great assets to the Piano Revival Project. Most of the work we do together doesn’t seem like work at all.

Keith Cannon

Title: Concert Piano Technician

Role : Oversees post-delivery piano tuning and maintenance in addition to his role as piano tech for ASU.

Education : 20 years experience.

Family : Keith has been married to Emily for 20+ years and they live in San Tan Valley with their 2 kids and their eldest daughter is a freshman at BYU.

Personal Interests : Keith enjoys hunting, sports, southern hospitality and the fine art of barbecue.

Words from Josh : The piano is an incredibly complex instrument with over 12,000 parts and yet I’ve never seen Keith stumped by a mechanical problem. In addition to being a world class tuner, he’s also one of the most courteous and professional members of our team.

Please contact Josh with questions about the Piano Revival Project, collaborative project proposals, employment opportunities, or custom orders.
480-970-5222 or 480-250-5939

Jared Ebner

Title: Piano Revival Project Artist

Role : To transform average looking pianos into stunning pieces of furniture.

Words from Josh : I always hire artists or photographers based almost entirely on the quality of their portfolio. When Jared first sent me pictures of his work, I knew immediately that I wanted him on the team. He’s versatile, tasteful, educated, and most importantly, he loves what he does. You can check out some of his non piano art here.

Ed Ervin

Title: Concert Piano Technician

Role : Oversees post-delivery piano tuning and maintenance.

Education : 20 years experience.

Family : Ed and his wife live in Fountain Hills and have two kids Jack and (?)

Personal Interests : Ed enjoys coaching his sons’ sports teams, playing guitar, and golfing.

Words from Josh : I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ed long before My First Piano came about in 2009. He has become our go to tuner for large venue accounts as well as in-home tunings.

Kevin Ramsey

Title: Concert Piano Technician

Role : Kevin oversees quality control and tuning for all of our showroom and online inventory.

Education : Piano technicians guild member, certified Yamaha tech, 20 years experience.

Personal Interests : Kevin is an avid reader, enjoys politics, history, all things mechanical, and his two very cute dachshunds

Words from Josh : We recruited Kevin to the team very early on and he is one of the main reasons we have a reputation for quality instruments. Kevin is regarded as one of the best techs in AZ and we are very fortunate to have him as a part of our family.

Contact Dan or Cheryl for information about pianos for sale in the Prescott area.

Dan & Cheryl Wallace

Title: Mom and Dad, Purchasing, Tech Services and Piano Revival Project Artist.

Role : Acquire the best inventory money can buy under $3,000. Repairs & Refinishing.

Education : Dan is a third generation piano technician and has been serving the valley for over 40 years. Cheryl has always helped run the business even while running a household and homeschooling five children.

Personal Interests : Time with grandkids, reading, attending church, healthy living and the outdoors.

Words from Josh : I’m happy to carry on the Wallace legacy in the piano business. A knowledge of piano mechanics, work ethic, and the drive to self educate are just a few of the things that were modeled for me growing up. Currently, some of our best inventory is a!cquired and revitalized through Dan & Cheryl and A-1 Piano Service.

Contact Zach or Erik to schedule an event, order a DVD of past events, or with questions about our venue.

Blake, Erik, Matt, & Zach

Title: Recital and Events Team

Role : Scheduling, audio/video, and DVD production for the Recital Hall.

Words From Josh : The recital hall & dance studio is our primary way of connecting to the teaching and performing arts community. Running a 130 seat concert hall is no small task. There are hundreds of performances each year with over 25,000 people in attendance. The recital team does an a!mazing job of overseeing the whole operation so that the show can go on and great memories can be made.

At Your Service

  • Lisa Blasi

    "Your New Best Friend"

  • Kami Valenzuela

    Accounts Manager

  • Sherri Radick

    Delivery Manager / Commercial Rental Manager

  • Josh Wallace


  • Luke and Lauren Miller

    Marketing Team

  • Junior Gonzalez

    Delivery Crew Leader

  • David Greenwood

    Piano Revival Project Artist

  • Keith Cannon

    Concert Piano Technician

  • Jared Ebner

    Piano Revival Project Artist

  • Ed Ervin

    Concert Piano Technician

  • Kevin Ramsey

    Concert Piano Technician

  • Dan & Cheryl Wallace

    Mom and Dad, Purchasing, Tech Services and Piano Revival Project Artist.

  • Blake, Erik, Matt, & Zach

    Recital and Events Team

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