Yamaha Acoustic Pianos

The reviews are in and the 2023 U series and B series Yamaha uprights are clear winners.

“The action is lightening fast and perfectly balanced.” | “The professional size uprights perform more like a grand piano than an upright”. | "Massive dynamic range from booming fortissimo to whisper quiet pianissimo.” | “Yamaha continues to have the best resale value of any brand.” | “New Yamaha uprights require little maintenance out of the box and hold their tune better than any other brand.”

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The World's most popular upright.

Yamaha Model U1

Yamaha Model U1 : 48” Professional Upright Yamaha Model U3 : 52” Upright Grand

U series models are rated by the majority of teachers, universities, musicians, and piano technicians as the best performance uprights on the market. They feel and sound more like a grand piano than an upright and are built to be passed down for multiple generations. That’s why you can’t find them used.

We do not sell the U series through our website. Pricing can fluctuate based on availability, whether you have a teacher referral, how you decide to pay and which color you select. It’s best to make an appointment to come down and test drive a U series piano.

The Grand Piano
The Grand Piano
Family Enjoying CLP

B Series

We took everything we learned from more than a century of crafting fine pianos to create an instrument to inspire the next generation of players. The result is an elegant, high quality lineup with a responsive keyboard and a clear, resonant tone. Whether you’re a beginner, a budding virtuoso or accomplished musician, B Series instruments are an absolute joy to play. You won’t find a better piano at these prices.

Model B1

Yamaha B1 Continental Console 43

Yamaha B1 Continental Console 43”

The B1 has the height and width of a standard upright but it was designed without legs in order to decrease depth and occupy less space in the room. The price point isn’t that much lower than the B2 so unless you have a tight budget and need it to fit in a smaller room, the B2 is often a better choice.

Model B2

Yamaha B2 Studio Upright 45

Yamaha B2 Studio Upright 45”

The B2 studio upright stands at 45” tall and is a great option for those who prefer the quality of the B3 professional upright but want to stay closer to the price point of the B1.

It comes in polish ebony, white polish, walnut polish and mahogany polish.

Model B3

Yamaha B3 Professional Upright 48

Yamaha B3 Professional Upright 48”

The B3 Professional upright is the closest in quality to the U series uprights but in a more conservative price point. The length of the strings, the number of square inches of soundboard, and the over all scale design are similar to the U1 profession upright. It has tremendous dynamic range, lightening quick touch and is known for its warm, dark tone.

It comes in polish ebony, white polish, walnut polish and mahogany polish.

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