Hobart – UH19ST | Ebony Polish

Serial No: GL1193
  • Sale Price: $2795
  • Play Period Options: 6 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $50
Full sized studio upright model in a breathtaking ebony polish cabinet. The piano plays well, has a strong full tone, and will be sure to please the owner. The toe block style and heavy duty casters mean this piano is going to be around for a long time. This piano has an immense sound and feels a lot like a baby grand to the touch. It's also one of the sturdiest pianos ever made in terms of cabinetry and tuning stability, the benefit being low maintenance cost and great resale value in the long run. Try it for a 6 month play period at just $50 a month and see if it's right for you. 100% of your play period credit applies to any piano you purchase and you also have the option to return it or convert it to a rental if you so chose. Reserve it while you still can!

Horugel – Professional Studio | Ebony Polish

Serial No: 791064
  • Sale Price: $2195
  • Play Period Options: 6 or 9 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $75
What a beautiful piano! Horugel pianos are now made by Samick, one of the world's largest manufacturers of pianos in the world! This piano gives you the full power one would expect from a Professional Upright in a glossy Ebony Polish cabinet. Features include double casters on the front and back, solid toe block for stability, mute rail (for quiet practice times), full size duet bench with storage, French legs, and a superb touch and tone. Available on a 6 or 9 month Play Period. No deposit required, and all of the prep and tuning is done by us before it gets in your living room! Professional delivery available as soon as you say "That's the one"! Reserve today and start applying all Play Period payments towards purchase!

Kimball – Spinet | Walnut

Serial No: 839572
  • Sale Price: $895
  • Play Period Options: 6, 9 or 12 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $30
Very clean Kimball Spinet piano. Stylish fluted legs and uniquely crafted music shelf highlight this beautiful American walnut satin cabinet. This is one of my top picks in the $30 class of pianos. Kimball pianos are known for their great sound and stylish cabinetry. This one sounds and plays particularly well for it's size. Comes with a matching, upholstered bench and a 1 year store warranty. For just $30 a month for 6, 9, or 12 months, this piano will start any playing career off on a good note! Just click the "I Want This Piano!" button to get it into your home!

Nordiska – Studio Upright | Mahogany

Serial No: 984363
  • Sale Price: $2495
  • Play Period Options: 6 or 9 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $75
The Nordiska Piano Company was founded over 100 years ago in the Swedish town of Vetlanda. Soon after, Nordiska pianos were known throughout Europe for their advanced scale design and superior sound. Since first being imported into the United States, Nordiska pianos have made a dramatic impact on the music industry. Today, the Nordiska brand is embraced by pianists of all skill levels - from students to professional musicians - who appreciate a quality instrument. This is a great example of a larger upright piano that will produce a really full sound. It's got a great touch and is ready to be around for a long time. We've put a 5 year warranty on the instrument so you can have confidence it will be around for a long time. These pianos go somewhere in the mid teens new, and this is your chance to get a great model at nearly half the price. Schedule a time to come in and play it!

Pearl River – UP110P8 | Mahogany Satin

Serial No: UP110P8
  • Sale Price: $3295
  • Play Period Options: 3 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $75
Gorgeous Queen Anne Pearl River console. This 2014 model comes with a 10 year warranty, maple action, premium wool hammer felt, German strings, sand cast plate and 17 ply hard maple pin block. This instrument is very similar to the Essex line of pianos built by Pearl River for Steinway & Sons but more reasonably priced. My First Piano is known for it's awesome selection of pre-owned uprights but we are also proud to be the exclusive dealer for Pearl River Pianos in the Phoenix territory. The entire line of pianos sound great, the cabinetry is top notch, and they are one of the highest ranking pianos in the world at this price point. Other models, colors and styles are also available. Take it home and give it a spin on a 3 or 6 month play period and you will discover why we like this piano so much!

Sherman Clay – RS-21 | Ebony Polish

Serial No: 118573
  • Sale Price: $2495
  • Play Period Options: 3 or 6 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $75
A well constructed, full size professional upright in an industrial strength ebony polish cabinet. This model plays more like a baby grand than an upright. Each note repeats with great speed and balance and each key is weighted perfectly to give the player a consistent feel across the keyboard. The sound is expansive and allows for a wide range of expression at different dynamic levels. This is a piano that would satisfy any player from beginner to advanced. We know this is a big investment so take advantage of our 3 or 6 month play period terms. This will allow you to take it home and give it a whirl before buying. This program is meant to provide you with the context and perspective necessary to make a purchasing decision. if for any reason you aren't happy with the piano, we will find you a new one or let you return it no questions asked. It's smart way to shop and the affordable way to play!

Yamaha – P202 | Oak Satin

Serial No: 116101
  • Sale Price: $2495
  • Play Period Options: 6 or 9 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $75
Like new Yamaha upright in an oak satin finish. Features include double casters on front and back, solid toe block for stability, elongated music rack to accommodate multiple pages of sheet music, locks on both the fall board and lid, duet size padded bench with storage. A very durable instrument for a large family with kids, schools, churches etc...Players love the Yamaha touch and their big sound while technicians love it’s consistent scale design and enduring tuning stability. Get to know this piano first on a 6 or 9 month play period before making an informed purchase decision. Reserve it online or call 480-970-5222 to make it your own!