My First Piano is your local piano retailer where you find the right piano FIRST, before you buy! 

Most piano stores goal is to sell you a product before you leave the store and hope it meets your expectations, at My First Piano we simply reverse that order. We prefer that you fall in love with our pianos before you buy, so stop by and bring the joy of music home with you!

In order to match the right customer with the right price, style and brand, we created our monthly Play Period, a 6 to 12 month “test drive” which creates a bond between you and your piano to give you the perspective needed to make a wise purchase decision.

Uprights are available as low as $30, $50 or $75 per month and our selection of beautiful grands are available to rent at $125 or $150 per month.

After your monthly Play Period expires it’s as easy as choosing one of our 4 options below and applying 100% of your credit towards your purchase.

Option 1: Buy the piano. If you love the piano you first selected, you can apply 100% of your payments made during the play period towards the sale price and buy it outright. With an entire school year of piano playing under your belt, you’re ready to make a fearless and informed piano purchase.

Option 2: Upgrade. If the original piano selected ends up being the wrong price, color, style or quality level, we allow you to apply 100% of your payments made during your play period towards any other piano in our inventory. All you have to do is select a new instrument and we will swap them out free of charge.

Option 3: Return the piano. This option is a safety net we built into the program to protect against worst case scenarios, such as the kids switching hobbies, having to move out of state, or someone lost a job and the piano becomes expendable. If you feel the need we will cancel the contract and pick up the piano free of charge no matter the reason, no questions asked.

Option 4: Convert to a month-to-month plan. If your Play Period expires and you are not ready to take advantage of the first three options, we will allow you to roll over to a month-to-month plan which allows you to pay the same low monthly rate from the Play Period. Customers think of option 4 like they do their gym membership; a rental fee is paid each month to use the equipment in home with no obligation to buy.

Signing up is easy, there are no credit checks, deposits required or fees. Our technicians take care of prep and tuning before delivery, so you and your family can begin your Play Period on the right note.

Experience the Easiest and Safest Way to Shop for a Piano Now!

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