George Steck – GS-87 | Mahogany

Serial No: GF8040
  • Sale Price: $5495
  • Play Period Options: 3 or 6 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $150
This beautiful vintage George Steck Grand Piano will look fabulous in any living room or parlor. George Steck pianos are an American brand of pianos dating back from their establishment in New York in 1857. The elegant cabinet and matching bench showcase a lovely high-polish design. The soundboard, tuning pins and bridges are in excellent condition and comes with a 5 year warranty. Great piano for even beginners and intermediates! Play Period options available for 3 or 6 months at $150 per month. All payments during rental term apply towards purchase. So pick out a nice spot in the house, tell us when you want it delivered, and we will handle the rest. Simply click the "I Want This Piano!" button and reserve it today!

Hallet Davis – Artist Grand | Ebony Polish

Serial No: DG20642
  • Sale Price: $6995
Ultra Elegant Hallet Davis Artist Grand, 5’8” high polish ebony baby grand with an upgraded "Empire Leg" cabinet. The round column legs and carved out music stand give this piano a stunning look. It’s only a few years old and has been very well maintained. Comes with an adjustable bench (w/ option to upgrade to a duet size) and a full concert prep, we've even added a 10 year warranty through My First Piano too! A like-new piano that is nearly flawless on the inside and out, you'd be making a mistake not to come see this one. It's on the larger side but in a home with space, this would be a perfect addition to any room.

Hallet Davis – Baby Grand | Ebony Polish

Serial No: DG24909
  • Sale Price: $4495
This Hallet Davis will make any room in your house come together with it's beautiful cabinetry. It’s only a few years old and has been very well maintained. Comes with bench (w/storage and matching leg), pre-prep tuning, and a full 10 year warranty through My First Piano. When you go for the older smaller baby grands on craigslist they just don’t compare to this caliber of piano. Take the stress off your shoulders knowing this was well maintained and designed for the piano player in mind. Professional delivery available.

Kawai – GE-1A | White Polish

Serial No: 2377340
  • Sale Price: $5495
Like new high quality Kawai baby grand piano in classic white polish. Newer vintage Kawai baby grands in this finish are one of the most sought after pianos in the pre owned market. You just don't see that many of them because people usually keep them in the family for generations. This is a consigned piano and for purchase only (no play period options). Piano financing is available with a 12 month same as cash option. Ready for immediate delivery. The sound of this piano will sparkle in your living room and will look stunning in any decor.

Schafer & Sons – Baby Grand | White Polish

Serial No: AA1114
  • Sale Price: $3,495
  • Play Period Options: 3 or 6 months
  • Monthly Play Rate: $125
This is everything you could want out of a baby grand at an affordable price! It looks wonderful with it's sharp polished finish. You'll also instantly notice the great touch and tone as well! You won't want to stop playing! Reserve it today by clicking the "I Want This Piano!" button!

Weber – Baby Grand | Mahogany Polish

Serial No: G101441
  • Sale Price: $5495
This is a 1996' Weber Baby Grand in a Polished Mahogany cabinet. This is the perfect instrument for families who want a great playing and great sounding piano with the looks to go with it. It is a deep brown mahogany and you'll have to click the "see all photos" button for a fuller view. It's in showroom condition and ready for immediate delivery. It's a 5ft model which is the perfect size for folks who want the power and control that comes with the longer strings, but don't have the space for a larger grand. It comes with a 10 year warranty and 12 month same as cash options. Reserve it now by clicking "I Want This Piano" and start enjoying the gift of music.

Yamaha – GC1 Player Piano | White Polish

Serial No: 6150181
  • Sale Price: $8995
Classic 5’3” Yamaha baby grand piano in mint condition. It's been well maintained, one owner, been in Arizona since it was new, and if you're not a concert pianist, it has a $5000 play system on it. This piano allows you to bring the best players in the world into your living room to make it come to life. It has a lightening quick touch which is a feature that players love about Yamaha. The dynamic range is huge and I can see this piano going to home full of players or to someone who wants an heirloom grade investment. A grand piano is a big purchase and we want you to be certain that it is a good fit for your family before you buy it. Sign up for a 3 or 6 month play period and experience the majesty of the Yamaha sound before you make the bigger investment. If you do decide to purchase, you will be in good company. Nora Jones, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Elton John and Coldplay all play Yamaha grands!